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Bullrich: Zero tolerance for G20 violence

'We will not tolerate violence and we will act if any group tries to breach the peace,' warns Security Minister.

Friday 30 November, 2018
Security Minister Patricia Bullrich.
Security Minister Patricia Bullrich. Foto:Diario24

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich has once again declared that police would show zero tolerance at the G20 summit.

Bullrich told reporters on the eve of the summit in Buenos Aires that security forces had reached an agreement with protest groups that demonstrations would be peaceful.

Asked if the country had the capacity to quell violence of the kind that marred last year's G20 meeting in Hamburg, Bullrich said: "We have made contact with those who raised dissent and we have reached an agreement so that demonstrations are peaceful, without violence."

However, she warned: "We will not tolerate violence and we will act if any group tries to breach the peace."

Social organisations and activists have called for protests against the International Monetary Fund and the G20 in different parts of the city over the weekend, including a mass protest scheduled for Friday.

The IMF has extended a US$56-billion bailout to help Argentina counter an economic crisis, in return for austerity measures that have sparked broad opposition.




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