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In this Saturday's Times: CFK, midterms and an interview with Argentina's nuclear expert

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Friday 13 October, 2017
Take a look at some of the main stories.
Take a look at some of the main stories. Foto:Cedoc.

In this week's edition of the Buenos Aires Times, journalist Federico Poore takes a look at next Sunday's crucial midterm election, focusing on former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's battle for a senatorial seat in Buenos Aires province. Just a few months ago, the former head of state was odds-on to win the race against Cambiemos' candidate Esteban Bullrich. Now, as a string of headlines deliver positive news for the Mauricio Macri administration and her legal woes mount up, her candidacy looks to be staggering toward the finish line. With just a week to go until voters go to the polls, can she deliver the victory needed to reignite her political career?

We also feature an exclusive two-page interview with Argentina's ambassador to Austria and globally renowned nuclear expert Rafael Grossi. In an in-depth conversation with Carolina Barros, Grossi - a key member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) who chaired the Nuclear Suppliers Group - addresses North Korea and, in a timely manner, the international nuclear deal forged in 2015 with Iran. With US President Donald Trump declaring today that he would “decertify” the nuclear accord brokered by former US president Barack Obama and charging that Tehran is “not living up to the spirit of the deal," Grossi offers a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on what lies ahead for international politics.

In culture, Cristiana Visan interviews first-time director Jayson McNamara about his documentary, Messenger on a White Horse, which tells the story of former Buenos Aires Herald editor and Times columnist Robert Cox's defiance of the military dictatorship. McNamara, a former Herald staffer himself, shares some tales about making the film and tells us about why Cox's story is so special. The film is airing this week in Buenos Aires on general release.

Moving onto Sports, there's only one story this week: the miraculous performance by Lionel Messi which inspired the national team to victory in Ecuador and World Cup qualification. But as we see from columnist Dan Edwards' piece, not all is well in Argentine football - has the Argentina captain's storming performance merely distracted us from the wider problems facing local football?

Elsewhere, we round up the latest news from Argentina and look at pressing women's rights, including a shocking wave of femicides in Mexico and what the Harvey Weinstein scandal means for Hollywood and its dark casting-couch culture.

Add in exclusive columns by former US ambassador to Argentina Noah Mamet, Agustino Fontevecchia, Andrew Graham-Yooll, Michael Soltys and James Neilson and you have this week's edition.

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