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'No point' remaining in Cambiemos without greater role in policy, says Radical VP

The Radicals will remain in President Macri's Cambiemos coalition "for now", the party's vice-president warned.

Tuesday 5 March, 2019
Federico Storani.
Federico Storani. Foto:File-Perfil

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The Radical Civic Union (UCR) will remain in the coalition that secured Mauricio Macri's 2015 electoral triumph, "for now" at least, the party vice-president said Tuesday.

Federico Storani made the assertion amid growing rumblings in Cambiemos (Let's Change) about the level of participation of minor parties in public policy. The government needs the UCR, with its reach across the provinces, to lead a successful general and presidential election campaign in October.

While assuring the coalition remained in place, Storani warned that "if there is no major change in the rules, then there's no point continuing".

"The behaviour until now regarding the warnings we have made has resulted in little, but it has also prompted accusations that we've made them (the warnings) to destabilise the government", he told El Destape radio.

He said that it was "highly unlikely" that there would be a change in the dominant PRO Party's attitude to minor parties like the UCR and the Civic Coalition led by firebrand lawmaker Elisa Carrio.

"I am much more interested in the possibility of being considered part of the debate surrounding essential public policies than positions (within government)", he added.

"When some of the most important public policy decisions were made like the return of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), us Radicals were informed not consulted. And when pension reform was decided, the same happened. I'm not talking about small things but rather essential issues. To this point, there has been major attempts to avoid creating situations of instability and institutional crisis but when it is affecting our DNA, our identity (as a party), there is no going back", he warned.

The UCR's "plan B", he said, was to "present our own candidates who are more aligned with out way of thinking".

"There's not much point being responsible for policies we cannot even debate", he complained.  




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