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Summer school's decision to reopen after drowning sparks outrage

Five-year-old Lucas Lin died Tuesday in a swimming pool at the Colegio Lincoln's summer school in La Plata

Sunday 10 February, 2019
The family of Lucan Lin mourn the five-year-old's death.
The family of Lucan Lin mourn the five-year-old's death. Foto:Clarin

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The family of a five-year-old boy who drowned at a summer school have described the school's decision to reopen the facility five days after his death as "shameless".

Lucas Lin died in a swimming pool at the Colegio Lincoln's summer school in La Plata, where authorities continue to investigate his death. On Friday, the school announced it we reopen on Friday.

The boy's sister, Lucia Lin, called on parents and community members to protest the summer camp outside the school on Monday, describing Lincoln's decision to reopen the facility at "shameless".

"Since there will be parents and children present, there will be no huge protest, we just want give advice and put pressure on parents about the school to allow Lincoln to apologise publicly and meet its legal requirements", Lucia Lin wrote in a Facebook post. 

A lifeguard, physical education teacher and a coordinator of the school have been indicted in the investigation. They were allegedly responsible for taking care of 17 children at the time of Lucas' death.

On Thursday, community members joined the Lin family, including the boy's father Min Lin, in protesting through the streets of La Plata.

"Luca was afraid of water. In January, I took him to Tigre and I kept him in my arms. He would go very slowly so he could learn. He didn't know they were going to put him in that big pool", Min said.

On Thursday, the school released a statement lamenting the death.

"We express our deepest sadness for this unimaginable loss and the intention of everybody at Colegio Lincoln to respectfully accompany the Lin family in solidarity", it said.




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