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Argentine film director Lucrecia Martel to direct Björk's new show

Björk’s show, titled Cornucopia, will run for eight shows at New York’s The Shed.

Thursday 7 February, 2019
Lucrecia Martel.
Lucrecia Martel. Foto:Via Exitoina

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Argentina’s prized film director Lucrecia Martel will direct Icelandic artist Björk’s upcoming stage show in New York City.

“I feel very proud to be able to work with one of the most innovative women of the music world. To collaborate on a Björk show is a passport to the 22th century”, Martel said.

The show, titled Cornucopia, will run for eight shows at New York’s The Shed.

Martel replaces outgoing director, theatre director John Tiffany, who withdrew from the show over scheduling issues.

The theatrical concerts will run from May 6 through June 1. 

“Lucrecia is a pioneering auteur and we’re so happy to welcome her”, The Shed’s Artistic Director and CEO Alex Poohs said, thanking Tiffany for “his remarkable talents and contributions to date”.

Bjork will bring a seven-piece Icelandic flute group Viibra on stage with her, as well as harpist Katie Buckley, percussionist Manu Delgado and electronist Bergur Þórisson.

Martel has made her mark on Argentine and global cinema with four feature-length films, La Ciénaga (2001), The Holy Girl (2004), The Headless Woman (2008) and Zama (2017).




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