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Carnaval returns to BA's Avenida de Mayo with a bang

Over 60,000 people gather for Carnaval activities along Buenos Aires' iconic Avenida de Mayo.

Tuesday 5 March, 2019
Carnival returns to Avenida de Mayo in downtown Buenos Aires.
Carnival returns to Avenida de Mayo in downtown Buenos Aires. Foto:Twitter @datacultura

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Over 60,000 people gathered along Buenos Aires' iconic Avenida de Mayo on Monday, as part of traditional Carnaval activities in the city.

Downtown Carnival festivities had been interrupted for several years, with neighbourhood-based events taking over as the norm. But BA City residents certainly didn't need anything convince to come back.

Activities in the City centre began at 4pm, including the traditional parade of River Plate murgas, folk dancing and food stalls.

"More than 2,000 artists taking over the great avenue of Buenos Aires. Today, we witnessed a historic day, the City has its great Carnival back along Avenida de Mayo. The culture of the City beats strong. You are so beautiful Buenos Aires", wrote a nostalgic Culture Minister Enrique Avogardo on Twitter.




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