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Japan’s ambassador hails ‘golden years’ of bilateral relations

Noriteru Fukushima celebrated the birthday of Emperor Akihito with special guests

Saturday 17 November, 2018
Japanese Ambassador Noriteru Fukushima
Japanese Ambassador Noriteru Fukushima Foto:CEDOC

The Japanese government welcomed 550 guests to the Ambassador’s Residence in Belgrano last week for a lavish celebration marking the birthday of Emperor Akihito. Hosted by the Japanese Ambassador Noriteru Fukushima, the event is one of the highlights of the diplomatic calendar in Argentina.

The event, which was attended by dignitaries including International Relations Secretary Daniel Raimondi, the president of the Rural Society Daniel Pelegrina and artists linked to Japan, such as “China” Suárez and María Kodama.

Chef Donato De Santis was also in attendance. In his speech, Ambassador Fukushima highlighted how relations between Argentina and Japan went back 120 years, yet he himself ventured an opinion that these present years were among the most “golden” to date.



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