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ARGENTINA | 16-01-2020 18:20

82 kilos of cocaine seized from Dutch plane at Ezeiza International Airport

Eight people arrested after seizure of cargo plane at Argentina's main international terminal. Plane's final destination was Amsterdam.

A shipment of 82 kilogrammes of cocaine was seized Wednesday from a cargo plane about to take off from Buenos Aires at Ezeiza International Airport.

The plane's final destination was Amsterdam, an aeronautical source confirmed to the authorities.

Following the security operation, which took place Tuesday afternoon, seven people were arrested, including three crew members of the KLM Cargo company plane. An additional arrest took place at 4am the next morning, after the suspect had fled the initial scene.

Customs personnel requested a search warrant that allowed them to delay the plane’s departure, according to reports. As it was being loaded with the illicit cargo, security officers were able to arrive on the scene. The operation took place right as the aircraft was about to take off.

The flight, which was due to transfer several polo horses, had arrived from São Paulo on Monday. After staying a few hours at the Ezeiza International Airport, it was scheduled for Tuesday layover in Quito and had its final destination scheduled for Amsterdam. The aircraft, a registered PH-CKA, is a 16-year-old Boeing 747.

The incident will be further investigated by Javier López Biscayart, who also authorised the raid.

In September 2019, in a separate incident, about 254 kilos of cocaine contained in 22 bags was seized upon its inspection in the pre-landing area of ​​Ezeiza airport. Madrid was reportedly the final destination.


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