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ARGENTINA | 05-03-2020 22:18

Coronavirus: Aerolíneas Argentinas cancels flights to and from Italy

State airline orders cancellation of flights to Italy during March, after confirmation of a second case of coronavirus in Argentina.

Following confirmation of a second diagnosis of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Argentina, state airline Aerolíneas Argentinas announced Thursday evening that it had cancelled most flights to and from Italy for the rest of the month.

In total, 12 flights between the nation have been affected, with airline officials blaming a significant amount of “cancellations” that had led the firm to make “adjustments in its programming.” It said three flights per week were still “provisionally” scheduled.

The decision was taken just minutes after a second person tested positive for Covid-19 in Argentina – a 23-year-old who had recently travelled to Italy. He is currently under quarantine at the Sanatorio Otamendi private hospital in Recoleta, in the nation’s capital.

Through a statement delivered via the Télam state news agency, Aerolíneas said the cancellations included flights “on March 12, 16, 19, 26, 28 and 30 and their corresponding returns the next day,” the firm said, adding that all flights would be rescheduled.

"Passengers who have reservations on the aforementioned flights are requested to contact the company to change their tickets," the company said. "Aerolíneas Argentinas will allow passengers to change their reservations for a previous or subsequent flight as well as the possibility of doing so via Madrid on the scheduled date for the trip."

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus after China, with 3,858 diagnoses to date and 148 deaths recorded.


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