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ARGENTINA | 07-04-2019 16:10

AFI agents emailed Fariña evidence to implicate CFK, says ex lawyer

Emails from Argentina's intelligence agency contained information that allowed Leonardo Fariña to expand his testimony against former Kirchner government officials, his former lawyer claims.

The former "delivery man" for former Kirchner government officials involved in acts of corruption was emailed evidence from the AFI intelligence agency in order to implicate former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in crimes, his former lawyer claims.

Giselle Robles, who represented Leonardo Fariña, provided email and video evidence to the federal criminal court in Dolores, where judge Alejo Ramos Padilla is investigating an alleged illegal espionage network with deep roots in the country's Judiciary.

Robles is reported to have handed the court emails which Fariña received in early 2016 before he gave testimony, under a plea bargain, in the so-called "K money route", which is investigating alleged money laundering committed by the Kirchners and their associates.

The lawyer told the court that Fariña later "repeated" the content of these emails "verbatim, in his testimony" to implicate Fernández de Kirchner and her former associates, according to sources close to Robles who spoke to Perfil.

The emails contained information that allowed Fariña to expand his testimony against former Kirchner government officials.

"Before these emails, he (Fariña) had no knowledge of any of this prior to expanding his testimony", she said.

Robles also provided testimony about a meeting between Fariña, Justice Minster Germán Garavano and herself.

The meeting was widely reported in the media. However, Garavano has claimed it focused on Fariña's inclusion in a "witness protection programme".

Robles reportedly told the court that the meeting centred on stopping Fariña's media appearances and any attempts on his part to encourage Lázaro Báez, the Kirchners' frontman, of seeking a plea bargain.

Báez's role in the legal case against the Kirchner was "already arranged by the intelligence agency", Garavano reportedly said during the meeting in which he also allegedly indicated he would try to remove the presiding judges Carlos Rozanski, Daniel Rafecas and Eduardo Freiler. Sources close to Garavano deny the claims.

Robles' statement to the court comes after former AFI intelligence agent Hugo Rolando Barreiro testified that the man at the centre of the espionage scandal, the phoney lawyer Marcelo D'Alessio, had spied on her.


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