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Netflix series concerns bereaved relatives of ARA San Juan submarine dead

Relatives express concern over new Netflix series investigating 2017 submarine tragedy and complain they haven't been able to view series prior to its public premiere.

Bereaved relatives of the victims of the fatal ARA San Juan submarine tragedy say they “do not endorse the content” of an upcoming eight-episode documentary series set to première on Netflix on March 7.

Some have expressed concern over the content of the series, which will dèbut this week, and revealed that they might challenge its release in court.

“Given the imminent première of the documentary about ARA San Juan, they state that they do not endorse its content as they do not know it. Unfortunately, the platform leaves the crew-members’ families awaiting a ‘premiere,’ having to find out what it’s about on television,” read a statement issued by lawyers representing some of the family members.

The group of relatives, represented by Valeria Carreras, expressed “their grievance about the way the broadcast is approached, without having given minors’ mothers, crewmembers’ children, the necessary time to prepare.”

“We cannot ignore the importance of the dissemination of the case which destroyed 44 families and was a turning-point in the history of unsolved crimes in Argentina, but the priority is still getting to the truth to obtain justice for all those responsible”, the text added.

The ARA San Juan submarine disappeared mysteriously in November 2017. 

The submarine was on its way to Mar del Plata from Ushuaia after a scheduled training exercise. Navy officials unexpectedly lost contact with the vessel, later discovering that it had imploded and sank in the southern Atlantic ocean. 

When it was found just over a year later, it was at a depth of more than 900 metres below the South Atlantic waves in an underwater canyon of the continental shelf, some 460 kilometres southeast of the Patagonian city of Comodoro Rivadavia. 

It had been crushed from an implosion apparently caused by a technical fault. Authorities eventually decided against attempting to refloat it.

Netflix has produced an eight-episode documentary series about the submarine tragedy that has an approximate running length of around four hours.

According to reports, some of the relatives are talking to Netflix about the possibility of viewing the series before its public release. 



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