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ARGENTINA | 05-11-2021 18:20

Argentina reopens borders to foreign tourists

Starting November 1, Argentina has lifted restrictions to enter and exit the country from international airports.

Argentina formally reopened its frontiers to foreign tourism this week, following a 19-month entry ban during the coronavirus pandemic in the light of the country’s improved epidemiological situation.

"Today the air, sea and river frontiers are opening up normally as we return to normality. We’ve been searching for some time for Argentina being in a condition to reactivate such an important industry as tourism. This is a much-awaited day and we’ve been preparing very responsibly for it to happen," Transport Minister Alexis Guerrera said in a communiqué.

The minister assured that Argentina "is prepared for tourism thanks to the public works carried out and the technology applied in airports during the pandemic."

Within that framework he detailed that 227 flights have been authorised for the first week of November through to tomorrow.

"Yesterday there were 31 flights as against 10 to 12 [daily] a few months ago. That’s a very important advance and we estimate that 6,000-8,000 passengers will be received via air," he forecast on Tuesday. 

At the start of October Argentina opened its frontiers to the citizens of neighbouring countries, a measure it has now extended to all foreigners.

The new regulations published Tuesday in the Official Gazette require those entering to be completely vaccinated against Covid-19 at least a fortnight before arrival and to present a negative PCR test, but an antigen test on arrival will no longer be required.

Tourists will also have to be insured against Covid-19.

Foreigners lacking both doses will not be allowed entry while Argentines and residents will have to go into quarantine.

The borders are being reopened in the framework of a striking improvement in the epidemiological situation due to the advance of the vaccination campaign after 20 consecutive weeks of falling numbers of cases although this streak has been broken in the past fortnight.



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