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ARGENTINA | 29-08-2019 11:07

Argentina has the third-largest video games market in Latin America

Argentine spending on video games will reach 495 million pesos this year, experts predict on, despite the recession.

With International Gamer Day celebrations on Thursday, Argentina is the third largest market in Latin America for video games, with 19 million players. 

Argentina projects spending on video games to reach 495 million pesos this year, up from 405 million spent in 2016. Spending increased steadily in recent years, according to the firm Newzoo, which monitors the gaming industry around the world. 

On Thursday, the firm will release its first report about the industry at the world level, which has consistently increased not just in Argentina. 

One of the keys to this increase in gaming is companies relaunching older games in a bid to attract older players, since many gamers who initially started playing in their youth are now between 30 and 45 years old. 

Thanks to the trend, eSports are now one of the sectors that has increased the most worldwide, with an audience that exceeds that of the NFL and NBA. 

This exclusive sport is broadcast online to millions of viewers around the world, and in many cases, gamers have become professionals. 

The importance of eSports gained national attention last month, when the 13-year-old Argentine gamer Thiago Lapp, who goes by “King,” came in fifth place at the Fortnite world tournament, winning US$900 thousand. 

Facundo Calabro, of the top Latin American gaming team IsurusGaming, said that “video games are training for the young people of today, just as traditional sports were in other times.” 

Expos and fairs are another key point for the increase in gaming. The Argentina Game Show, a three-day expo in Costa Salguero, has already earned 50 million pesos between ticket sales, food vendors and stands for different brands in the industry. 

Around 40,000 gaming aficionados plan to attend the fair between October 18, 19 and 20. The expo is set to have gaming tournaments where players can compete for prizes and professionalise their skills. 



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