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ARGENTINA | 12-11-2019 10:45

Ex-foreign minister Susana Malcorra calls Bolivian events a ‘coup’

In a stark departure from language of current foreign minister, Jorge Faurie, Susana Malcorra says recent events in Bolivia can "objectively be talked about as a coup.”

Former foreign minister Susana Malcorra said Monday what happened in Bolivia could be talked about "objectively" as “a coup against the state." 

“In my opinion, it can be considered a coup,” said Malcorra, who worked under Mauricio Macri in the role now held by Jorge Faurie.

During an interview with Radio La Red, she said to arrive at this conclusion one has to keep in mind that the mandate of a democratically elected president was interrupted and that the Armed Forces had an important role in that break. 

“Within this complex context and given there are questions that could fairly be put on the table about factors that led to the expression of people in the streets, the fact remains that objectively this can still be talked about as a coup,” Malcorra said. 

The successor Jorge Faurie has been vocal about his opposition to labeling what's transpired as such. He said the "elements" don't exist to call this a coup against Morales, and posited Bolivia is simply facing an "institutional crisis." 

Evaluating the different positions of politicians and government officials within Argentina, Malcorra pointed to “political and ideological influence.” 

When asked about a possible solution to the  conflict, the former minister said “in the region, it would be possible to generate space to build bridges but the problem is that the region is very fractured and divided along ideological lines right now.” 

“There has to be a group of people that is respected and that is prepared to generate dialogue. The most worrisome is that the streets of Bolivia are exploding and there is nothing good after that,” she concluded. 



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