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ARGENTINA | 26-12-2023 12:46

Argentina's government publishes decree dismissing around 7,000 state workers

Government puts damper on the festive celebrations of around 7,000 state workers with decree confirming their dismissal.

Argentina’s government has put a serious damper on the festive celebrations of around 7,000 state workers after publishing a decree that orders the cessation of their employment.

Carrying the signatures of President Javier Milei and Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse, the publication of Decree 84/2023 in the Official Gazette on Tuesday morning (December 26) confirms the dismissal of public employees who joined the civil service from January 1, 2023 onwards and are not considered essential.

In most cases, expiring contracts will not be renewed. The decree applies to those in positions without seniority within the government and decentralised state bodies, affecting non-permanent temporary employees "and any other type of contract that ends on December 31, 2023." 

The decree also establishes new rules for the hiring of personnel. In addition, the executive branch vows in its decree to review the employment situation of state workers who have been in office since before that date.

The decision applies to around 7,000 employees across different areas of government, according to government sources. It includes public bodies such as ANSES, PAMI and AFIP. 

President Milei, who said during the election campaign that he would target state employees (known pejoratively as ‘ñoquis’) whose roles are not essential for dismissal. 

News of the decree’s publishing prompted immediate criticism from unionised state workers representatives.

"They were afraid that Argentina could be Venezuela and they are taking us to Haiti. It's crazy," said ATE state workers union chief Daniel Catalano in a radio interview. 

"Throwing out 7,000 workers who earn 200,000 pesos does not move anyone's ammeter, you only harm 7,000 families who will be left without work on December 31," he charged.

"The government is promoting more poverty and unemployment. It is not solving absolutely nothing with this,” added Catalano.



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