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ARGENTINA | 19-06-2019 15:31

Body of woman found in dumpster in Colegiales

The woman was found wrapped in a blanket and had been dead for several days.

The dead body of a woman was found inside of a dumpster Tuesday in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Colegiales. According to sources from the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police, the corpse was found at Cespedes 2900 and belonged to a young woman around 25-30 years of age. She had been dead for several days.

The body, which was wrapped in a blanket, was found after a neighbor called 911. Buenos Aires Emergency Medical Services (SAME) arrived at the scene and closed off the area. Staff of the Police Station at the 13th comune and Criminalistics of the City Police are investigating the scene.

In 2017, the body of another woman appeared in the neighborhood Villa Devoto. As a security camera recorded, two men emerged from a Peugeot 206 that stopped at the site and one of them threw the body of Miryan Natalie Alenca Da Silva on to the curb of the sidewalk.

She was a thin young woman who had two doses of cocaine in her stomach, both of which burst our and caused the death. Here sister, who was also in the car, was left in a state of shock several meters from a hospital in Ramos Mejía in the province of Buenos Aires. Investigators believer that the women were used as drug mules and planned to travel to Europe.

In 2017, another woman's charred corpse appeared next to an electrical substation located meters from the towers of Puerto Madero where prosecutor Alberto Nisman lived and died. The case was labeled as a “death by cause of dubious criminality.”



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