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ARGENTINA | 13-08-2019 17:36

Elisa Carrió saw Macri’s PASO speech as one of 'defeat,' says source

Sources close to the Coalición Cívica leader tell Perfil that she was disappointed with reaction of her coalition partner to Sunday night's primary loss.

Elisa Carrió was visibly disappointed with the results of the PASO election on Sunday night, when she took the microphone at the Juntos por el Cambio bunker, shortly after President Mauricio Macri instructed everyone to “go to sleep.”

Shortly after 10pm, before the official election results were known, the president had admitted his defeat from the stage.

“We’ve had a bad election and this obligates us to redouble our efforts so that we can continue making change come October,” he said. “We are here. Giving everything for our beloved country. It hurts that today we did not receive all of the support that we wanted, but we are all the more responsible for making sure that this country continues moving forward so go to sleep and start working tomorrow.”

However, Carrió – an outspoken national deputy and the leader of Coalición Cívica who is not known to hesitate when showing her dissatisfaction – decided to take the microphone and address the group of activists who had already started to exit the Costa Salguero property. 

“Most people are more comfortable with authoritarians and pharaohs. It happened to Moses when he was crossing the desert that some of the Jewish people wanted to return to Egypt,” she declared. “We're not going back to Egypt, we're going to go to a republican Argentina. For survival. To not be Venezuela, Cuba or Russia.”

An associate of the national deputy explained what motivated her to take the microphone: “She thinks that Macri’s speech was one of a defeated man and that these people do not know how to face adversity. That is why she wanted to speak on Sunday.”

According to this source close to the legislator, Carrió intended to go out and speak before the head of state, but since the schedule had been set otherwise she decided to "improvise" on the spot.

On Monday she made a call to attention to her coalition partners on Twitter.

“It is important that the Government raises the non-taxable minimum of the income tax and grants a moratorium on SMEs,” she wrote on her Twitter account, referring to small and medium sized businesses

In a press conference later that day alongside running-mate Miguel Ángel Pichetto, Macri announced that he instructed his economic team to prepare measures to “take care of Argentines.”

On Tuesday Carrió met with the president and expressed confidence that his economic measures could be enough to achieve a victory in the October elections. On Twitter, in contrast with the sentiment expressed by her associate, she expressed positivity about the Macri’s chances at reelection. 

“Excellent meeting with Mauricio Macri. Commitment and joint work of political and economic corrections and the confidence of victory in October,” she wrote. 


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