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ARGENTINA | 03-02-2020 15:53

Cellphone of rugby player shows video of attack

The phone, which reportedly belongs to Lucas Pertossi, contains images and a video of the attack. The footage also shows the events prior to the beating, where the group momentarily lost and tried to look for Báez Sosa.

A cell phone of one of the 10 detained rugby players, who all stand accused of murdering Fernando Báez Sosa, contains images and footage taken during the attack.

According to the victim’s lawyer, Fernando Burlando, the video was “insulting.”

On Monday, January 27, experts in Mar del Plata began analyzing the cell phones of nine of the arrested rugby players to determine if there was coordination in the attack against the young man. The one exception, Ayrton Viollaz, did not have his phone with him when he was arrested.

Pablo Ventura, the boy who had been arrested and then released when it was found that he had not traveled to Villa Gesell, also did not have his phone taken.

Burlando said that the video, which has now been sent to the prosecutor Verónica  Zamboni, who is in charge of the case that took place on January 18 outside of the Le Brique club in Villa Gessel, was one of the main pieces of evidence found by expert witnesses.

According to reporting by Todo Noticias, the cell phone belongs to Lucas Pertossi. According to Burlando, even if he didn’t directly contribute in the attack, he would still be tried as a primary accomplice.

With respect to what the images show, the lawyer specified that in addition to the beating, the moments prior to it are shown as well.

“It is worse, not only the beating, but also the persecution that they began against Fernando. They lose sight of him for a moment. When they are evicted from the dance floor, they are left at a very prudential distance. That's when they go hunting for Fernando, which is when they start filming.”

On the other hand, this Sunday, February 2, the Attorney General of Dolores, Diego Escoda, said that "there is a video that is under analysis, in which the accused would have changed clothes in a nearby location," complicating the situation further.

In that sense, Escoda said that "it is usual in people who committed a crime that proceed to change their clothes", a fact that could complicate the defense of the accused if they seek to explain that they left without knowing that they had killed Fernando Báez Sosa.

Regarding the cause of death, he explained that "Fernando had a very strong blow to the skull...and also had a very strong blow to the liver. The death was caused by internal bleeding in the brain."

In addition, he said that "doctors are going to be called to testify to specify a little more about this type of injury."





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