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ARGENTINA | 21-01-2020 13:41

CFK on Nisman doc: 'Netflix did what Commodore Py should do'

Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner offers praise for new Netflix documentary, ‘Nisman: The Prosecutor, the President and the Spy.’

Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has broken her silence on the new Netflix documentary probing the death of late AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, revealing she has watched it three times.

"The Argentine paradox or when Netflix did what Comodoro Py should have done and Comodoro Py did what Netflix does," the former president tweeted, accompanied by a link to her website, where she wrote a series of paragraphs reflecting on the production.


First of all, the former president praised director Justin Webster and his work, by explaining that she had to put her prejudices aside to watch the six-part series. 

"I want to take on board my prejudices about what one would expect an English documentary filmmaker to do on an American platform with a theme like Nisman's. It proved that you can be English, produce for the US, but have objectivity and intellectual honesty," she wrote.

Thereafter, she added that her "self-esteem is too high and I considered myself invulnerable – due to my training and information – to the influence of the media when it comes to making analyses and reaching conclusions."

That self-criticism, she argued, allowed her to re-evaluate the work of the former prosecutor in the case, Viviana Fein, who is featured often in the documentary.

"However, after having seen everything she did, with films, photos, testimonies and having heard her own word, I remember an idea she expressed in the documentary ... 'An investigation, a file cannot be based on expectations, it is based on facts and evidence.' I think that was pretty much the phrase or, more importantly, the concept,” she stated.


The Unidad Ciudadana leader then went on to once again claim that the case had been used to slur her name.

"Because of course, no-one can escape the fact that the president of the title is me and that it deals with a fact that moved the country, in a year of presidential elections at the end of my second term and that it was used by the then-political opposition to come to power and by leaders of certain world powers to settle interests in the global geopolitical conflict,” she wrote.

“And here I return to the title... What Justin Webster – who is neither a lawyer nor a judge nor has institutional responsibilities – was able to achieve: to show the facts with objectivity, without omitting testimony and circumstances, without inventing facts that did not exist and even less to develop hypotheses and stories without evidence to support them and, in doing so, turn them into truths," she continued.

"It is a pity that these directors and screenwriters will not win the only prize to which true Justice must aspire: discovering the truth and making it known," she added.


Finally, she paid tribute to former foreign minister Héctor Timerman, who served in her administration and passed away in 2019.

"I cannot fail to mention the infinite sadness of seeing and hearing, at the end of the documentary and at the end of his life, Héctor Timerman, a Jew and Argentine chancellor who wanted the truth about the attack on the AMIA to be known,”  she proclaimed.

“He left there not only his testimony, but also his legacy of life," she said, going on to quote the former official, who is recorded saying: "If there is something I want to say to my granddaughters, it is that their grandfather did everything possible to find the truth about an important case. And if there is something I want to pass on to them, it is that they should never be cowards in life. If you have a cause, follow it to the end... whatever happens, whatever it takes.”



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