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ARGENTINA | 22-05-2019 17:41

CFK to return underground to negotiate candidacies

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is expected to spend the coming weeks away from the spotlight to focus on seeking the broadest coalition possible behind her running mate, presidential hopeful Alberto Fernández.

In the last 13 days, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner presented her memoirs, announced her candidacy for vice-president and appeared in the dock for the first ever trial into her time as president.

The Macri government is keen to measure the impact of Fernández de Kirchner's last fortnight on the polls. The former president's think-tank Instituto Patria is also on alert.

Few people close to her expect the polls to show a negative impact on Fernández de Kirchner's approval rating. They believe that while some in the electorate will be bothered by her return to the political arena, including a very showy presentation of her book "Sinceramente" (Sincerely), her decision to run as Alberto Fernández's running mate is compensation.

Among Kirchnerites, there is a recognition that Fernández de Kirchner must woo undecided voters who might be experiencing distaste over her appearance in court, where she stands accused of alleged irregularities in the granting of public works contracts to Lázaro Báez, the Kirchner family's alleged frontman.

But they insist the impact of the trial on October's election remains to be seen.

"There are three months before the primaries in August and five until the general elections. How do they expect to maintain voters' interest in this trial?", a source close to Senator Fernández de Kirchner said, rhetorically.

"The ratings show that citizens aren't interested in what happens in Comodoro Py [court house in Retiro neighbourhood]. They're interested in surviving and putting food on their plates".

The former president will remain a big topic of conversation for some weeks to come. She is expected to continue meeting political leaders at her Instituto Patria. Among the upcoming visitors is the incoming mayor of Santa Rosa, Luciano Di Nápoli, who on Sunday took the capital of La Pampa province for the Kirchnerite movement when he defeated the Radical mayor.

Fernández de Kirchner has received a number of invitations from mayors in the province of Buenos Aires as well as district leaders in other provinces.

However, until the lists of candidates close, she is likely to stay away from campaign visits, choosing instead to seek the broadest coalition possible for Alberto Fernández.

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