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ARGENTINA | 29-09-2023 05:29

Buenos Aires City government seeks 1.4 million pesos from family of student who occupied school

Claim by the Buenos Aires City Prosecutor’s Office is in compensation for the payment of wages and maintenance costs during the days without classes in September 2022.

A family will have to pay 1.4 million pesos to Buenos Aires City Hall because their 16-year-old daughter occupied the Instituto Superior de Formación Artística Manuel Belgrano in Barracas with her schoolmates in September, 2022.

The girl posted the lawsuit served at her address on social networks, from City Hall and stating that it was for “damages.”

“My mum got a lawsuit for almost three million pesos for ‘compensation’, because last year we took over the school with some schoolmates and students from other schools. Among other things, they’re suing us for damages,” the young woman said.

The teenager expressed her anger over the situation, adding: “Once again the authorities choose to persecute students’ rights to protest against a system which, rather than protect us, decides to look the other way and hide. Let people know that the Buenos Aires City Hall criminalises students’ claims.”

Her post also explains that during the seizure they painted the school facade, as well as the bathrooms and classrooms, and cleaned up afterwards.

The letter sent by the Buenos Aires Prosecutor’s Office claims 2.8 million pesos, but also clarifies that said suit is for the family of the young woman who made it public and another family also involved.

School seizure began when on September 24 last year the students of the Escuela Mariano Acosta started the sit-in protests, and then other institutions followed suit.

Their justifications for such actions were threefold: lack of cleanliness and rodents, building improvements and the quality of meals.

Nearly a month later, Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta confirmed that criminal reports had been filed against 240 parents from City schools taken over by students.



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