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ARGENTINA | 05-08-2022 22:12

“Desabastecimiente, pobreze y desemplee” [shortages, poverty and unemployment]: Jair Bolsonaro mocks Argentina using inclusive language

The Brazilian president referred to Argentina’s economic situation in an ironic use of inclusive language, after condemning its use in Argentina. He also criticised his opponent Lula Da Silva.

Jair Bolsonaro condemned the use of inclusive language in Argentina, publishing a controversial tweet this wednesday, using inclusive language to refer to the Argentina’s chaotic economic situation: “Now there are “Desabastecimiente, pobreze y desemplee” [shortages, poverty and unemployment]. May God protect our Argentine brothers,” provocatively tweeted the Brazilian president.

He also sent a special message to Lula Da Silva, his rival for the presidential elections in October.

This is not the first time Bolsonaro has criticised his neighbouring country. On this occasion the Brazilian leader denounced the alleged “officialisation” of inclusive language in Argentina, suggesting its widespread use shows a lack of respect for culture, traditions and national symbols.

“I am sorry to see Argentina’s officialisation of neutral language. How does this help your people? The only change this makes is that there is now “desabastecimiente, pobreze y desemplee” [the inclusive-language spelling of the words for shortages, poverty and unemployment.] May God protect our Argentine brothers, and help them out of this difficult situation.” he tweeted.

The government of Jair Bolsonaro prohibited the use of inclusive language for cultural projects financed by the Cultural Incentive Law (better known as the Rouanet Law) in 2021.

Bolsonaro made these criticisms a few days after the Argentine Ministry of Public works announced an initiative to incorporate the use of non-sexist languages in official communications. 

Criticism of Lula

Lula Da Silva, leader of the Workers’ Party, was also a victim of Jair Bolsonaro’s outburst. 

“In Brazil, the left seems to be obsessed with destroying our national symbols. It’s a way of dividing the country, disrespecting its culture and traditions. Respect is won with character, work and bravery, not with this nonsense,” said Bolsonaro.

With the objective of repeating the successful electoral campaign that made him president in 2018, Bolsonaro raised issues most important to the conservative sections of Brazil’s evangelists, one of the most important bases for his political platform.

However, according to a survey by the pollster Datafolha, the current Brazilian president could lose in the first round to Lula by a margin of more than 20 points.



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