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ARGENTINA | 31-10-2019 18:38

City's museums and cultural centres open doors for La Noche de los Museos

Free access to museums and cultural centres this Saturday night in Buenos Aires for the 16th annual Noche de los Museos event.

Anyone in Buenos Aires can enjoy free access and special programming at nearly 300 hundred museums, markets, parks and plazas across the city this Saturday night. 

Now in its 16th year, La Noche de los Museos aims to highlight the city’s status as one of the “cultural capitals of the world” and opens up public and private spaces to porteños at no cost.

Over 280 sites in almost every neighbourhood of the City will offer unique showcases, performances and displays, as well as their standards exhibitions for all guests. 

Downloading a ticket online for a location guarantees entry, but get in quick. In addition, the pass will allow you to travel on the Subte underground line free of charge, or jump on one of the many many colectivos that run near locations participating in the night’s events. 

There's fun for the entire family too. Museums and cultural spaces will offer tailor-made activities for kids alongside the great works by artists, writers and cultural icons for parents to enjoy. 

Doors open across the capital at 8pm, and they’ll remain open until 3am the following morning. 

Plan ahead with the help of the interactive map that provides addresses and navigation to all participants.

For more information and to download your ticket, visit http://lanochedelosmuseos.gob.ar/2019/lnm/es/home.



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