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ARGENTINA | 21-03-2019 15:11

CFK publishes Florencia's medical records in bid to dismiss rumours

Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner left Cuba on Thursday after a short visit to see her sick daughter Florencia and meet top Cuban leaders.

Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner departed Cuba on Thursday after a seven-day visit to see her daughter Florencia Kirchner, who is receiving medical treatment in the Cuban capital, Havana.

Following a private meeting with Communist Party leader Raúl Castro on Monday , Fernández de Kirchner on Tuesday met Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel for a "fraternal" encounter, which was later broadcast on Cuban state television.

That same day, she was indicted in Argentina on yet another corruption charge, this time over alleged irregularities during her time as president in the distribution of state subsidies on public transport.

News of the Fernández de Kirchner's last-minute trip to Cuba surfaced last week, after she posted a video on social media blaming Argentina's media and Judiciary for provoking 29-year-old Florencia's health problems.

On Thursday, the Senator for Buenos Aires province posted screenshots of her daughter's medical reports showing how Cuban doctors had diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder and five other conditions, including lymphedema.

"We presented Florencia's medical records to the court [in Argentina] on Friday, which showed her medical diagnosis. It was she herself, faced with the lies and fake publications over the past few days, who asked me to make these public," Fernández de Kirchner wrote in a tweet, attaching images of several pages of medical information.

Fernández de Kirchner was required to report her visit to Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio, who is investigating her in numerous corruption cases.

Florencia Kirchner "believes that this will help to end the circle of harassment she and her health have experienced... I don't know... The truth is that I was have preferred not to [publish the medical reports] but with the hatred and aggression they deploy against her, perhaps she was right," the senator added.


Meanwhile, Fernández de Kirchner and the Cuban leader Díaz-Canel met Tuesday to "exchange views on the most recent events in our region and they agreed on the need to preserve peace in our America", Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez wrote on Twitter.

She had met Communist Party chairman Raúl Casto on Monday, though no details were made public about that encounter.


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