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ARGENTINA | 11-12-2019 00:46

From Plaza de Mayo, Cristina tells Alberto to 'trust in your people'

Before a huge crowd in the Plaza de Mayo, new vice-president tells president to worry "about reaching the hearts of the Argentines" – and not so much about the frontpages.

From a packed Plaza de Mayo, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner told Argentina's new president, Alberto Fernández, on Tuesday night to put his faith in the voters who elected him to office.

"Trust your people, never betray them, they are the most loyal, just ask to defend and represent them," said the newly sworn-in vice-president, dressed in all white, from a stage in front of the Casa Rosada.

As she spoke, a huge crowd of supporters watched on. Tens of thousands had waited in the capital's iconic square for hours in sweltering heat, where a music festival had run throughout the day. It was a festival atmosphere. The arrival of the two star attractions: the former president and the new president was the peak of the night.

With people now stretching deep into the surrounding streets listening on, Fernández de Kirchner told the country's new leader to concern himself more with "reaching the hearts of Argentines – and not so much about "the front-pages of newspapers."

"The people sooner or later end up writing history," she quipped, going on to reference her own farewell party four years ago after leaving office, also in the Plaza de Mayo.

She offered her approval for Fernández's performance to date, for starting "his Government with very good omens."

Railing against the Mauricio Macri administration, Fernández de Kirchner said the Frente de Todos leader faced "a very hard task."

"They have left a devastated country [behind], scorched earth," she added, describing the last four years of the Macri administration as "very hard."

Acknowledging the crowd, Fernández de Kirchner hailed the thousands of followers present, declaring that "the collective is more important than the individual."

A person "is larger when he is part of a whole," she added. 

"We have united the will of millions who believe that it is possible to live in a better country ," said Fernández de Kirchner, who spoke before the president went on to address the crowd. 

"History is written by the people," she said, returning to her theme.


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