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ARGENTINA | 07-02-2020 20:44

Government aims at legalisation, Church challenges abortion plan

While the government looks to forward to the legalisation and decriminalisation of abortion, Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata Héctor Aguer challenged the Fernández administration: "Let's see if they get the votes.”

While the national government is working on a project to legalise abortion, the Church showed its discontent again on Friday.

Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata Héctor Aguer challenged the Fernández administration: "Let's see if they get the votes.”

The phrase of the religious is framed in the rejection of the Catholic Church to legal abortion as well as the convocation that the Episcopal Conference of Argentina (CEA) launched for March 8th in the Basilica of Lujan for the "yes to life.”

"The main argument against the legalisation of abortion is not religious, theological, but scientific. What is it that grows in the womb of a pregnant woman? Is it a human being or a bug of another species? There can be no doubt about that. It's scientific," Aguer pointed.

The former archbishop of La Plata also questioned the figure of "500,000 (women killed in clandestine procedures) per year, as abortionists say.”

In his opinion, abortion is "a vindication of the bourgeoisie," because "the poor are the ones who cling most to their little child.”

In statements to Radio Continental, Aguer questioned President Alberto Fernández for comparing abortion to divorce and using "a tearful argument," citing the case of his parents.

"I would remind [the President] what Evita said at a congress in Barcelona: 'our 20th century will be remembered as the century of victorious feminism, the victory of feminism consists of the indissolubility of marriage and the presence of women in the home. I would tell the president that his position is not Peronist at all," he proclaimed.

Aguer responded to the national leader's words a few days ago in Paris, France, where he confirmed that his government is working to send a bill on abortion to Congress this year.

Although there are also nuances within the government and some leaders spoke of "decriminalisation", it is expected that the text that reaches Parliament will propose legal abortion based on the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (VPI).

The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity and the Executive Branch are collaborating on the project, but no confirmed date has been set.



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