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Porteños told to register SUBE cards with authorities before fare hikes

Buenos Aires City Transport Ministry warns porteños that fares will cost more than 400 pesos for those using unregistered cards – how to register your SUBE before April to avoid paying more.

Transport officials in Buenos Aires City are urging porteños to register their SUBE public transport cards with the authorities, otherwise they could be paying high fares when steep price hikes kick on.

Starting April 1, different transit rates will come into effect for those with registered SUBE cards, according to the City Transport Ministry. If citizens do not register their SUBE cares before fares are updated, they will end up paying a minimum of 430 pesos per bus ride, and double all rail fares.

For registered cards, bus ticket costs are expected to be 270 pesos and 121.50 pesos who qualify for the 'Tarifa Social' (Social Rate). 

Rail fares will be unified on all lines come April. If paid with a SUBE card, rates will be 130 pesos for a journey in Section 1, 169 pesos for Section 2, and 208 pesos for Section 3. 


How to register your SUBE card

Those who have not yet registered their SUBE cards can do so through the government's website:

Click ‘Register’ and complete the required information to create your account.

Use your SUBE card number to activate the four-digit registration code, which will reduce your fares in April.

You can also register using the SUBE App or in one of the 56 SUBE Service Centers. Registration will also aide balance recovery in the event of theft, breakage or loss. 


Negative balances

The updated fares are a result of President Javier Milei's attempts to trim subsidies. Bus rates were hiked on Monday, January 15, with the minimum fare rising from 52.96 pesos to 76.92 pesos.

Given the change, the 'negative balance' of a SUBE card has been extended to 307.68 pesos. The calculation is automatic and is equivalent to four minimum tickets.



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