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ARGENTINA | 04-06-2024 17:05

President Milei appoints X user ‘Juan Doe’ as digital communications director

The position of Juan Pablo Carreira, a renowned libertarian activist, was finalised through a decree signed by the President and Cabinet chief Guillermo Francos.

President Javier Milei has appointed a well-known libertarian social media activist as his new digital communications advisor on an 180-day contract.

In a decree published on Tuesday in the Official Gazette, the government confirmed the appointment of Juan Pablo Carreira – a high-profile X (formerly Twitter) user better known by his screen name ‘Juan Doe’ (a reference to the well-known placeholder name ‘John Doe’). 

Carreira’s screen name on X is @jdoedoe101101.

Decree 482/2024, signed by Milei himself and Cabinet Chief Guillermo Francos, says that the new digital communications advisor will report to Karina Milei, the President’s sister and chief-of-staff and Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni.

Carreira succeeds another prolific libertarian social media user, Iñaki Gutierrez, who managed La Libertad Avanza’s digital platforms during the campaign and after Javier Milei’s inauguration.

According to local news reports, a director-grade post carries an average monthly salary of around 2.5 million pesos. 

The Executive Branch clarified in its decree that “the temporary hiring for said position does not amount to an allocation of extra funding.”


Juan Pablo Carreira (better known as his screen name 'Juan Doe')


Carreira himself previously informed, on February 20, via X that he would soon be taking up a role within government. “I have the honour to tell you that soon I will be taking on the role of the President’s Digital Communication Director,” he had posted.

“After two months of work being part of an impressive team, being a cog within the best campaign in history, and after eight years of being convinced that we’ll be saving this country, it’s time to take to the field,” he said, thanking Milei for his confidence.

Gutiérrez, who had a large online following, had previously held a central spot in government communications along with his girlfriend, Eugenia Rolón. Neither of them were officially given roles, but their functions were severely limited early this year after a mistake.

The young influencers posted their own photo on the Casa Rosada’s official account offering New Year’s greetings, and were subsequently left only in charge of the government’s TikTok account after their approach caused anger among officials.

Carreira has over 155,000 followers on his X account. He  defines himself as an “industrial engineer, liberal and republican” in his bio.

He also says that he is a member of the “Club de los Viernes Argentina,” an organisation which claims to defend civil liberties, private property and push for the smallest state possible, and of the La Derecha Diario online publication. Carreira was the editor-in-chief of the medium since its founding on September 6, 2019. 

The incoming official’s appointment was celebrated by Fernando Cerimedo, said to be the owner of La Derecha Diario and by La Libertad Avanza provincial lawmaker Agustín Romo.

‘Juan Doe’ is known for using aggressive language online. As well as being described as a “libertarian influencer,” critics also brand him a “troll.”

Among some controversial messages, he has previously insulted current Security Minister Patricia Bullrich – whom he has called a “murdering Montonera guerrilla fighter” – and has consistently criticised state workers as lazy.

“I don’t work in the State, I’ve never worked in the State nor do I want to work in the State,” he famously once wrote online. 


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