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ARGENTINA | 23-07-2019 21:11

Lavagna and Urtubey pen letter criticising polarisation

The letter accused Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Mauricio Macri of using polarisation as a tactic to silence Consenso Federal’s campaign.

On his Twitter account Monday, Roberto Lavagna released a letter he wrote with his vice-presidential candidate Juan Manuel Urtubey, in which they criticised the country’s polarisation and denounced those who try to silence them. 

The letter called out both Frente de Todos and Juntos por el Cambio for trying to make the campaign of their electoral formula, Consenso Federal, invisible. 

It accused both tickets of trying to exacerbate the polarisation of the country for their own gain and said that “there are powers that are acting behind the backs of the population” that “are trying to impose a scenario with only two options.”

“Those who most embody polarization have governed the country for the past 12 years with disastrous results that can be seen in socioeconomic indicator,” the authors of the letter claimed. “8 years of a stagnant economy and a catastrophic aftermath of the recession, unemployment, widespread poverty, unprecedented inflation and, again, an unpayable debt.”

Looking ahead to the primary elections (PASO) in August, the letter encouraged Argentines to vote for whomever they most wanted to see in the presidency. 

“On August 11, the citizenry will not choose the president,” the letter declared. “You can demonstrate which ticket you would prefer to win in the real election in October. The electorate chooses who it thinks it best, no who would be the least bad.”

The letter repeatedly emphasised that voters need not be confined to what it saw as two bad options for president and encouraged them not to fall for Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Mauricio Macri’s campaign to stoke polarization. 

“If that campaign were to succeed, the main vector of the Argentine vote will be hatred or fear,” the text continued. “‘I am voting for Macri so that Cristina does not return,’ some say. ‘I am voting for Cristina so that Macri does not continue,’ others express. They represent the failure of the past and the failure of the present. The only thing that they can assure is the failure of the future. 



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