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ARGENTINA | 10-01-2024 10:06

Macabre discovery in Mar del Plata: human skull found by kids on beach in Argentina

Group of children playing on a beach at Mar del Plata discover what is believed to be a human skull in the sand.

A macabre discovery rocked the Atlantic coastal resort of Mar del Plata on Tuesday when a group of children playing on the beach uncovered what is believed to be a human skull.

The discovery, which took place at the height of Argentina’s summer holiday season, was made at one of the coastal city's many public beaches, located at the intersection of Constitución and Félix Camet avenues.

The skull was found on the beach, half-buried, by children who were playing in the sand. Nearby dozens of sun-seekers and bathers were enjoying the summer afternoon.

The youngsters alerted their parents, who called the emergency services. Personnel from a local police station and forensic investigators arrived at the scene and took the skull away for tests. Images and videos of the discovery soon spread across social networks.

The local prosecutor's office has already intervened in the case and has taken charge of the investigation. Forensic experts will now attempt to extract a DNA sample to facilitate identification and identify the approximate age of the remains.

Local reporting suggests the skull is “old” and likely came in with the tide to the shore, given it was not buried when discovered.



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