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ARGENTINA | 07-08-2019 00:06

Macri closes Buenos Aires campaign ahead of PASO

Juntos por el Cambio’s Buenos Aires candidates held their final pre-PASO rally in Caballito Tuesday to make their case to porteños.

President Mauricio Macri held the final rally of his Buenos Aires campaign Tuesday ahead of the August 11 PASO with Buenos Aires Province governor María Eugenia Vidal and Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. 

At the microestadio de Ferro Carril Oeste, the three candidates, as well as other candidates, made their case for why the city, province and country were better off in the hands of Juntos por el Cambio. 

Not surprisingly, “change” was the theme of the day as the candidates argued that more change under their leadership is what Buenos Aires needs. 

“Change is our obsession. Today Buenos Aires is among the greatest cities in the world. Here began the dream bringing everything that we are achieving in Buenos Aires to every corner of Argentina, because we can. Of course we can!” Macri declared to a crowd who responded with chants of “yes we can!” “We know there is a lot left to do but we also know that in what we have already done, we must find the energy, conviction and hope to begin the next stage.”

Rodríguez Larreta, who succeed Mauricio Macri as mayor of the capital, described how much has changed in Buenos Aires. 

“This city that we all enjoy, we no it wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t always like this,” he said wagging his finger for emphasis. “12 years ago when winter came, I remember that there will almost 100 schools that could not open because they didn’t have gas, hospitals didn’t have enough supplies, the ceilings leaked in the subte in 100 year old Subte cars. But with a lot of work, force and consistency we kept moving forward. And one day it rained in the city and it didn’t flood. 

Vidal, the governor of Argentina’s largest province, said that Buenos Aires is the embodiment of the change that Juntos por el Cambio is proposing. 

“[Buenos Aires] is a demonstration that yes we can. This city shows that it is possible,” she said. “ I ask porteños to continue betting on that change that began in 2007 and that Horacio deepened in 2015. 

Vidal and Rodríguez Larreta told Perfil Sunday that they could not imagine governing without Macri. 

Other Buenos Aires Juntos por el Cambio candidates also appeared at the event such as senatorial candidate Martín Lousteau, deputies candidate Maxi Ferraro and Diego Santilli who is seeking to continue serving as deputy Mayor. 

The Rodríguez Larreta-Santilli ticket is expected to be reelected as they seek a second term in August. 

President also recognised the hard times that Argentines are experiencing but asked for their trust in his government. 

“I need you to know that every person I see struggling or having difficulties hurts me. I came here to help every single argentine find their place where they can contribute and be happy,” he said adding: “But things are not done overnight, that is what magicians do, what we are working to build takes time. Everything that we are building will not be in vain!



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