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City Legislature: Ramiro Marra loses leadership of La Libertad Avanza caucus

Karina Milei orders removal of Ramiro Marra as head of La Libertad Avanza's caucus in Buenos Aires City Legislature; María del Pilar Ramírez placed in charge after meeting with Milei at Olivos.

Ramiro Marra is no longer the president of the La Libertad Avanza caucus in the Buenos Aires City Legislature.

Marra, one of the most prominent figures in the libertarian political space, has been replaced by María del Pilar Ramírez, a leader who years ago was a part of the Kirchnerite youth group La Cámpora.

Ramírez today is seen as very close to the general secretary to the Presidency, Karina Milei, the head of state's sister.

Marra, a broker by trade and a founding member of LLA, has long had a tense relationship with the president’s sister. 

In addition to the poor relationship with Karina, a sector of the ruling party has been unhappy with Marra’s performance and considered a change was due.

Karina Milei had previously got six of the nine legislators of the libertarian caucus to sign a letter supporting Ramírez as the new bloc chief.

According to reports, Marra was summoned on Wednesday evening to the Olivos Presidential Residence, where President Milei himself confirmed the news that he would be removed from his position.

Marra entered the City Legislature in 2021, after campaigning with Roberto Lavagna in the now defunct Consenso Federal alliance. The broker had known the head of state since 2005 – Milei was his professor at Universidad del Salvador.

Analysts say Marra has been losing power within LLA. When Milei was putting together his Cabinet after winning the run-off, he did not name his former student to a post, despite rampant speculation. Marra instead continued in his post as the La Libertad Avanza caucus chief in the Legislature.

Ramírez is reportedly close to Mariano Recalde, the former president of state airline Aerolíneas Argentinas,  and worked as a marketing manager at the flag carrier between 2008 and 2016.

A short while later, she switched from Kirchnerism to the libertarian space and entered the City Legislature last December, cultivating a close relationship with Karina Milei.




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