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ARGENTINA | 30-04-2024 16:09

Massive transport strike called for May 6: No trains, underground, planes or ports

Walkout was called by the CATT Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers and will affect nearly all forms of transport.

A transport workers' confederation has announced a mega-strike that will halt air, ground and sea transport on Monday, May 6.

The strike has been called in rejection of President Javier Milei’s fiscal reform package. The industrial action will affect the operation of trains, the underground, planes and ports. Buses are likely to be running.

“On May 6, in the morning and noon, the activities of air, ground, port and sea transport will be interrupted in rejection of the fiscal agreement imposing income tax once again,” confirmed Juan Carlos Schmid, general secretary of the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT), through X.

In radio interviews following the announcements, Schmid explained that “informative meetings” would be held to interrupt the normal operation of transport.

“There will be conflictive situations once the fiscal pact affects workers’ pockets again,” he warned.

The CATT’s measure will be take place three days prior to the second 24-hour general strike called by the CGT General Workers’ Confederation umbrella union grouping on May 9.

The transport workers' confederation is taking a stance against the fiscal package, including changes to income tax brackets. 




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