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Milei heads overseas: from 'ambassador of light' to the far right

The President will travel next week to Miami where “his tireless efforts on behalf of Israel” will be recognised, also meeting with US business leaders. Next month Milei flies to Europe to participate at an event organised by Spanish far-right party Vox.

President Javier Milei will resume his international agenda next week with a visit to Miami where he will be honoured as an “International Ambassador of the Light” by a Jewish organisation.

The following month, he is also scheduled to attend a rally of the Spanish far-right party Vox in Madrid on May 18 and 19.

Next week’s trip will be the third visit to the United States of Milei’s term in office. During the La Libertad Avanza leader’s stay in the US, he will receive an award on April 10 from Jabad Lubavitch, the orthodox Jewish congregation whose New York headquarters he has already visited on two occasions.

The award will form part of the inauguration of the Menachem Mendel Schneerson Centre, government sources confirmed. It will be given for “his tireless efforts on behalf of Israel and the global community, honouring his unbreakable dedication to spreading liberty, hope and positive feelings in the face of darkness,” the invitation reads.

According to his official agenda, the President is also scheduled to head a series of mostly business meetings on US soil.

Milei’s delegation will consist of presidential chief-of-staff Karina Milei, Argentina’s Ambassador to Washington Gerardo Werthein and rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, who will be the new envoy in Israel. 

The travelling party will fly out on April 9, returning three days later.


Return to Europe

Milei himself confirmed his attendance at a rally of Spain’s ultra-right Vox party in Madrid on May 18 and 19 in a post on social media this week. 

Via a message posted on the X network, Javier Milei replied to the invitation of Vox leader Santiago Abascal: “I’ll be there again with you, dear friend...!!! Viva La Libertad Carajo...!!!”.

The ‘Europa Viva 24’ convention will bring together activists, leaders, deputies and sympathisers of the Spanish party along with international guests at the Palacio Vistalegre arena with an attendance of over 10,000 expected.

The President’s intention is to continue extending his links and position himself as the top conservative leader in Latin America. The trip comes after his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the United States, a Republican event that supports former US president Donald Trump’s candidacy in this year’s US election.

Like he did with Trump, Milei will be looking to boost Abascal and his party’s ambitions in the upcoming European elections scheduled for June 9. 

His ties with the Spanish leader, however, are deeper – the La Libertad Avanza leader participated in a Vox convention in Madrid in October, 2022, while Abascal attended his presidential inauguration last December 10.

In mid-June Milei is expected to return to Europe to attend the G7 summit in Borgo Egnazia, Italy. He will combine that trip with a stop afterwards, again in Madrid, where he will receive an award from the libertarian Instituto Juan de Mariana in Madrid for “his defence of the ideas of liberty.”

The G7 (the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Britain and Italy) will session between June 13 and 15, while the decoration will be conferred on June 21 at the Cena de la Libertad dinner of the Instituto Juan de Mariana at the Casino de Madrid.



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