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ARGENTINA | 18-10-2023 14:53

Milei’s candidate launches controversial paternity renouncement proposal

Lilia Lemoine, included on the La Libertad Avanza list of candidates for Buenos Aires Province lawmakers, delivers an unprecedented statement and sparks furore on social media.

La Libertad Avanza candidate for national deputy representing Buenos Aires Province Lilia Lemoine has caused controversy after announcing she would like to propose a bill through which men to be able to renounce paternity of a child. 

“It’s not fair for a man to have to take care of a child financially until 18 when he doesn’t want to have it," Lemoine said in a radio interview that quickly went viral.

She went on to propose rules through which “the woman, when she finds out she is pregnant, has 15 days to notify the father,” who may then “choose whether or not to take care of the child."

Lemoine, an online influencer with thousands of followers and a keen cosplayer, is advisor to Javier Milei.

She credits herself with managing Milei's image.

Lemoine also said she is “100 percent against” abortion and the law allowing the voluntary termination of pregnancy, but said “there are special cases to be taken into account."

“Since women have the privilege to be able to kill their children and renounce motherhood, so why do men by law have to support a child they had maybe because they were told ‘Sure, cum [as in, ejuculate] inside, I can always take the pill’?" she asked.

She added:"Maybe they were given a punctured condom, because many women do that sort of thing to hook a man, and take advantage of the things men do in the heat of the moment."

"My grandma told me about it, she was a nurse,” Lemoine continued in comments that were mocked by her opponents online.

The congressional hopeful does not “find it fair for a man to support a child until 18 when he doesn’t want to have it."

“If the woman realises [that the man was not safe], then it’s rape, so she can report it and take the morning-after pill," she added.



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