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ARGENTINA | 19-06-2024 17:20

Milei heads back to Europe to pick up honorary awards

President Milei will visit Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic on his latest overseas trip.

Despite having been back in Argentina for just a handful of days, President Javier Milei is once again packing his bags for Europe. 

In the second leg of an international tour lasting until early next week, he will attend to commitments in Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The President’s intention is for the libertarian delegation to leave for Spain this evening at 7pm (Argentina time), after celebrating Flag Day in Rosario, with the idea of landing in Madrid on Friday.

The first order of business, at 2pm, will be a meeting with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who will decorate him with the International Medal of the Community of Madrid.

In the afternoon, he will receive an award from the Instituto Juan de Mariana during the Freedom Dinner to be held at the Madrid Casino, during Freedom Week.

He is scheduled to give a 30-minute speech with professor Jesús Huerta de Soto, and with other leading academics.

The following day, he will go to Hamburg, Germany, where he will receive the Hayek medal, in reference to the Austrian Nobel Prize for Economics winner Friedrich von Hayek, and he will also give an address for 50 minutes. 

Berlín will be the second stop in the chief executive’s German itinerary. He will hold a meeting there with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in what will be a “short working visit” between both delegations, as informed by the spokeswoman of the German Executive Branch, Christiane Hoffmann.

Scholz’s official revealed that initially, a welcome with military honours was scheduled at the Chancellery, as well as a bilateral meeting and a subsequent press conference, which was not cancelled by the German government. 

Lastly, on Monday, June 24, the head of State will travel to the Czech Republic to interview Prime Minister Petr Fiala at 10.30am and to meet with businesspeople in Prague. 

At noon, he will receive the Award of the Liberal Institute, in a ceremony to take place at the Zofin Palace in the Czech capital, for his contribution to the development of liberal thought.

The last order of business in the tour will be a private visit to the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, right before returning to the country.



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