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ARGENTINA | 18-03-2020 22:23

New daily high pushes number of confirmed Covid-19 cases to 97

A new new daily high of 19 new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus have been recorded in Argentina, officials announce, lifting the total number of confirmed diagnoses to 97.

A new daily high of 19 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Argentina, lifting the total number of confirmed diagnoses to 97.

Multiple cases have been registered in Buenos Aires City (10) and Buenos Aires Province (6), with single cases recorded also in Chaco, Córdoba and Entre Ríos provinces, the Health Ministry said in its daily update.

Two people have lost their lives to the virus to date in Argentina.

Health Ministry officials were keen to stress that "the majority of the cases are imported."

"Local transmission is detected in close contacts, with no evidence of community transmission," read a statement.

The Health Ministry's statement said that of the 19 new cases, 13 individuals had a history of recent travel so the so-called "affected" areas (China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Europe, the United States, Chile and Brazil), while five were a result of coming into contact with those who have been infected by the virus. One case "is under investigation to determine an epidemiological history, it added, a reference to reports of the alleged first "indigenous" Covid-19 diagnosis in Chaco Province.


Officials also clarified that one new case, reported the day before as localised in Buenos Aires Province, had been misclassified and was in fact "a follow-up patient" and "not a new case."

The national and local governments have issued a host of restrictions, which are tightening by the day, with reports emerging on Wednesday night that President Alberto Fernández would discuss the potential implementation of a "mandatory quarantine" for all citizens across the country in a meeting with provincial governors. 

As of Wednesday night, five provinces have already closed their borders and issued region-wide shutdowns. Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero are the latest additions to the list, joining Chaco, Jujuy and Mendoza.

Cities are also beginning to close themselves off. Gualeguaychú, in Entre Rios Province, said earlier today that only residents will be allowed to enter its territory, following in the footsteps of El Calafate, in Santa Cruz Province.

Other cities across Buenos Aires Province are also believed to be on the verge of shutting themselves off.


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