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Porteños feel the chill and dream of snow in Buenos Aires

With this coming Saturday set to be the coldest day of the year, could it snow in the capital?

Despite a week of bracingly low temperatures, thermometers in Buenos Aires are still not rising. And with weather experts warning that this coming Saturday (May 25) could be the coldest day of the year so far, porteños are dreaming that snow could be on the way.

The Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN), Argentina’s weather service, says that low temperatures are here to stay for the next few days in Buenos Aires and its outskirts, with the chills set to be felt for at least a few days more. 

Maximum temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius are expected until the weekend, with a minimum of four degrees over the same period. Because it will also be cloudy, the cold may be felt even more, said the SMN, without the sun bringing any heat for those outdoors.

In essence, wintry weather conditions are already being felt, even though Argentina is still a month away from the coldest season.

As for snow, any white flakes would be an unlikely occurrence, though meteorologists are refusing to rule it out. Due to the mild climate present in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), snow is extremely rare, with rainfall, humidity and low temperatures needed.

Temperatures will remain between five and 16 degrees until the weekend, with Wednesday expected to be the most pleasant day, according to the SMN.

On Friday night, temperatures will drop in the evening, with Saturday expected to be the coldest day of the week and year so far, ranging between 4 and 11 degrees Celsius. 

Unfortunately, snow is still seen as unlikely, though conditions will be close to the last time it snowed in Buenos Aires: July 9, 2007. 

Underlining the rarity of such an occurrence, the first recorded snowfall in Buenos Aires took place in June 1918 – with almost 90 years between the two incidents.



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