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ARGENTINA | 17-03-2019 20:24

Police investigating suspected Iranian terrorists detained with fake passports

Security agents on Sunday arrested two Iranian nationals after they entered the country using stolen Israeli passports.

Immigration officials on Sunday arrested two Iranian nationals who entered the country using stolen Israeli passports.

Sajjad Samiel Naserani, 27, and Mashoreh Sabzali 30, were arrested at a hotel in the Abasto district of Buenos Aires, security officials reported.

The incident led Argentina's Interior Ministry to contact Interpol in Israel over concerns of suspected terrorist activity, Perfil reported. 

The suspects arrived at Ezeiza international airport, Argentina's largest terminal, on Tuesday March 12 on an Air Europe flight from Madrid.

Naserani passed through immigrations using the name Netanel Toledano, while Sabzali entered as Rivka Toledano.

Immigration authorities recognised the passports as having been reported lost or stolen. While an alert was raised, the pair were granted permission to enter the country under the watch of security agencies.

Argentina's Interior Ministry then contacted Interpol's Jerusalem division to verify the status of the passports, which it confirmed were fake.

Judge Luis Rodríguez authorised the arrest of the couple, who were staying at the Arc Hotel in Abasto.

Their passports, two mobile telephones and a photo camera were seized during the arrest.


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