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ARGENTINA | 02-04-2021 02:34

Protesters use Trans Visibility Day to highlight missing youngster's disapperance

Demonstrators mark International Transgender Day of Visibility by demonstrating outside Congress, demanding greater efforts be made in the search for Tehuel, a 21-year-old who went missing since March 11.

A group of demonstrators marked International Transgender Day of Visibility on Wednesday by demonstrating outside Congress demanding greater efforts be made in the search for Tehuel, a transgender youth missing since March 11, "to reappear alive."

On a day dedicated to increasing awareness of the discrimination against the trans community worldwide, they rallied for support "because we are tired of being discriminated against, assaulted and even murdered because of how we see ourselves."

"Today more than ever we ask: Where is Tehuel?" they added.

On March 11 Tehuel de la Torre, 21, left his home in Alejandro Korn on the outskirts of Greater Buenos Aires to go and see a man who had offered him a job as a waiter at an event, the youth’s girl-friend denounced.

The man, who admitted having seen him that afternoon but later parted company, remained under arrest after Tehuel’s mobile phone wrap and windbreaker were found in his house, according to court sources.

The arrested man was previously convicted for homicide in 2009 and denounced for sexual abuse in 2020. Another man was arrested accused of covering up the crime with "false testimony." 

A dragnet in the house of the arrested man, its immediate surroundings and a nearby lake have not produced any results.

On the International Transgender Day of Visibility the family and friends of Tehuel held another demonstration in his neighbourhood.

"After 20 days have already gone by, we know nothing about my brother. We know they are making raids and searches but in order not to hamper the investigation, they won’t tell us where. The last thing we know is that he went for a job interview and never came back," declared Verónica, Tehuel’s sister. 


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