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ARGENTINA | 02-11-2023 15:30

Sergio Massa says Cristina Fernández de Kirchner would not form part of his government

Economy minister and ruling coalition presidential candidate in November 19 run-off clears up doubts about the vice-president's future.

Unión por la Patria presidential candidate Sergio Massa said Thursday that Vice-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will not serve in his Cabinet or wider government.
Clearing up doubts about her role in a future administration, Massa said in a television interview that she would have to define her future but that he had no plans to appoint her to a position.
“I understand Cristina will not hold any public post. I understand she has been in politics all her life, and she will continue, but at any rate, if you want to know what she'll do, you’ll have to ask her,” said the economy minister.
Massa urged people “not to vote against, but in favour of Argentina” on November 19 in the run-off. Quizzed about Mauricio Macri’s criticism of him and the current Peronist government, the Frente Renovador leader said the former president represented a “mafia-style, dark and arrogant politics.”
Massa said it is important to tell Argentines “what the changes we will make starting on December 10 are” and “not to tell them to check who throws the largest rubbish bag to the other side.”
He argued: “That model has been exhausted. The night of the first round, a political stage finished, and on December 10, if it’s my turn to be president, the grieta will definitely finish.”

Massa said on television that if he is elected, as from November 20 he will apply measures entailing”the new construction or design of the State, unification of state-run companies and ordering of the tax system”.

He also insisted with his idea of a government of national unity: “We will continue to work on calling an agreement starting on December 10, when my government starts, to help people today in a position of silence, or who refrain from voicing an opinion, to be a part of the government”, he pointed out.

“We need to have the capacity to open a new stage in Argentina where 10 public policies or State policies can be defined by all of us”, he proposed.

Ruling coaltiion senator Juliana Di Tullio also said this week that Fernández de Kirchner would “not be a part of the next government”.

She also gave his opinion about CFK’s position during the Alberto Fernández administration, which will come to an end in December: “She had a role of political management where she tried to be listened to and it didn’t happen. But she always had her heart and soul in it.”



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