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ARGENTINA | 07-03-2023 09:37

Rosario: a death a day in a city on edge from drug-trafficking

Three out of every four homicides registered in the city of Rosario are premeditated, observes survey.

The city of Rosario has registered more than one death per day already so far in March, according to data compiled by a crime observatory. 

According to the report by the Observatorio de Seguridad Pública (Public Security Observatory), with data collected until yesterday morning, the city already counted eight deaths in March from intentional homicides.

The data underlines the devastating violence that has gripped in the city in recent years. For Santa Fe Province as a whole, 95 homicides have been recorded since the turn of the year, with Rosario alone responsible for 65 of those. 

In 2022, a total of 288 homicides were recorded in Rosario out of a provincial total of 408.

From 2020 to the present, there has been an increase in the number of premeditated homicides, mainly as a result of disputes between drug gangs. 

In 2020, 74.3 percent of homicides were defined as premeditated, more than 75 percent of overall killings. In January of this year alone, the percentage in Rosario exceeded 73 percent.

With three out of four homicides in Rosario considered to be premeditated, the overwhelming majority were linked to organised crime rather than a spontaneous fight or argument. 



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