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ARGENTINA | 15-07-2019 16:24

Three police officers arrested for rape of young girl in Formosa

The 18-year-old victim was able to leave the alleged scene of the crime and ask neighbours for help. One officer is being investigated as a potential accomplice to the crime.

Three police officers have been arrested for their alleged participation in the rape of an 18-year-old girl in an apartment in the city of Formosa. 

Two officers stand accused of having raped the young girl, while the accusation against the third has not been confirmed, with investigators still seeking to establish his role in the alleged crime. 

The girl, from the northern province, reported that the incident happened at around 10.30pm Saturday, according to local daily El Comercial. 

She said that that was taken by one of the policemen, whom she knows personally, to a rental complex in the Divino Niño neighbourhood of the provincial capital. There, they met up with two other members of the force, one of whom then allegedly left the room. 

Meanwhile, two other police officers, according to woman’s complaint, began to touch her intimately and then abused her sexually, penetrating her. 

At some point during the night, she ran from the apartment screaming for help at which point neighbors took notice according to TN. One reported that she was “trembling with fear.”

“Why me? They were my friends,” the girl yelled, according to a witness. 

Shortly thereafter two officers were arrested while the arrest of the third, who had left the scene, was delayed to conduct an “inquiry into the incident.”

The alleged rapists were later charged with “sexual abuse with intercourse” by a local court.

The girl was taken to the Hospital de la Madre y el Niño in Formosa, where she was examined by the judicial forensic scientist on duty. 

The policemen have been taken to custody, while authorities of the provincial police force prepare a report.


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