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Youths and older adults – Massa targets two voting groups on way to run-off

Economy minister and ruling coalition presidential candidate is working to consolidate the votes he got in the October election and stepping up his efforts to reach sectors where his rival, Javier Milei, is out ahead.

Four days away from a crunch presidential run-off, pro-government politicians and campaigners are working against the clock to secure votes for Sergio Massa.

Massa, Argentina's economy minister, faces libertarian lawmaker Javier Milei in the November 19 run-off and the battle for votes is on.

In the run-up to his closing campaign event, Massa is targeting two key segments that his team believe could secure them victory: youths and older adults.

Both in the August primaries and in the October election, young voters – especially men – gave their support to La Libertad Avanza candidate Milei, who was able to find the core of his activist base in that sector, especially outside of the capital Buenos Aires. 

There are 8,337,914 registered voters aged between 16 to 19 in this country, accounting for 24.29 percent of the electoral roll. In Buenos Aires Province, 36.46 percent are under 30. Massa is targeting that category intensely, announcing measures with a view to fighting job precariousness.

The Unión por la Patria candidate is expected to campaign non-stop until the start of the electoral veda curfew on Friday morning. In addition to the activities focusing on youths and older adults scheduled for Wednesday, the minister will also head down south on his quest for votes.

In the final sprint of electoral engineering, the team reporting to the ruling party presidential candidate is studying the possibility of closing the campaign on Thursday, at a closed rally, without the presence of politicians or leaders, behind closed doors with students.

Massa did something similar to what he did in the run-up to the general election at the Pilar Industrial Park, as advised by Catalan spin-doctor Antoni Gutiérrez Rubí.



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