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Argentine actor Ricardo Darín to star in Netflix series based on 'El Eternauta' comic

Legendary actor Ricardo Darín, the lead in the multi-award-winning film 'Argentina, 1985,' has announced that he will star in a new Netflix series based on the famous comics, 'El Eternauta.'

Legendary actor Ricardo Darín, protagonist of multi-award-winning film 'Argentina, 1985,' announced that he will star in new Netflix TV show based on the famous El Eternauta comic book series.

Considered to be one of the greatest Argentine comics, El Eternauta was created by screenwriter Héctor Oesterheld, who was abducted by the military dictatorship in 1977. It was drawn by Oesterheld's friend and colleague Francisco Solano López.

The comic was first published through weekly instalments in 1957, and it has gone through numerous reboots.

The Netflix series will be directed by Bruno Stagnaro.

"We are about to start a huge project in a very short time, really a very complex, very complicated thing to do," Darín told CNN Radio Argentina in an interview

"The story of El Eternauta, which the project is based on, aims at a scope that goes beyond the borders of our country," the Argentine actor explained.

Darín, 66, is one of the most celebrated actors in Argentina's history. In addition to starring turns in successful films such as Nueve reinas, Relatos salvajes and El Secreto de sus Ojos, Darín has won a host of awards. Just last week he won Spain's Platinum Award for Best Actor for his performance in Argentina, 1985.

"We are all very enthusiastic and very emotional because it is a huge project, very difficult work awaits me. I am trying to prepare myself because there will be a huge physical and mental demand and I think the project will be something that does not go unnoticed," Darín said, speaking about his new project.

El Eternauta is a science-fiction story and its heroes are a group of survivors in a world invaded by aliens. An explosion in the Pacific Ocean followed by deadly snowfall in Buenos Aires gives way to a resistance movement led by Juan Salvo, a man in a protective diving suit, who transforms into the title character.

Oesterheld was kidnapped in 1977 and remains disappeared. His four daughters – two of whom were pregnant – and three of his sons-in-law were also disappeared by the military dictatorship.

Some 30,000 people were disappeared during the 1976-1983 period of military rule, according to estimates from human rights organisations.



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