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CULTURE | 27-02-2020 13:54

Buenos Aires gears up for St Patrick's Day celebrations

The Almirante Brown Argentine Irish Association will be holding their annual parade on Avenida de Mayo on March 7 to celebrate Irish community and its heritage.

Buenos Aires is preparing to turn itself green next weekend, with the City's Irish community preparing a fun-filled St Patrick's Day celebration in the centre of the capital.

The Almirante Brown Argentine Irish Association will be hosting on their annual Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations on March 7, taking over Avenida de Mayo.

The event, Buenos Aires Celebrates Ireland - San Patricio, will take place 10 days before the official holiday and is one of the many celebrations that the association puts on throughout the year. The festivities will include traditional irish food, drink, dancing, music, and artisan stalls.

Organised in conjunction with the government of the City of Buenos Aires and sponsored by the Irish Embassy, a parade will entertain tourists, locals, and foreign delegations.

The event, which has become a tradition in the city, is not just a celebration of Irish culture but of the wider Irish presence in Argentina. As the Almirante Brown Association explains, “Irish immigrants brought their religion and customs to the countries that they moved to. They never lost the image of their patron, and that is why the March 17th holiday is always celebrated with so much excitement.”

The event will honour the history of the estimated 500,000 members of the Irish community in Argentina. It will also highlight the story of the first Irish Immigrant to join the Argentine naval force, Guillermo Brown, alongside that of St. Patrick himself. 

The festivities will start at midday with a opening ceremony, followed by shows, discussions, a procession and a final closing at 8pm. The heart of the event will be Avenida de Mayo, between Bolívar and Tacuari.


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