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CULTURE | 03-10-2019 14:50

Soda Stereo announce new tour with guests, including Coldplay's Chris Martin

Surviving members Charly Alberti and Héctor 'Zeta' Bosio reveal band will return for spectacular Latin American tour paying tribute to late vocalist and guitarist Gustavo Cerati. Next year's tour, which includes a date in Buenos Aires, will feature rotating cast of guest musicians, including Coldplay's Chris Martin.

Surviving members Héctor 'Zeta' Bosio and Charly Alberti have announced the return of Soda Stereo, one of Argentina's greatest bands.

The legendary rockers, whose lead vocalist and guitarist was the late Gustavo Cerati, who died in 2014, will reunite for a series of performances featuring a host of special guest starts, including Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Cerati's son, Benito Cerati.

The full line-up of guest stars includes: Rubén Albarrán (Café Tacuba), Benito Cerati, Richard Coleman, Adrián Dárgelos, Andrea Echeverri (Aterciopelados), Juanes, Mon Laferte, León Larregui (Zoé), Chris Martin, Fernando Ruiz Díaz (Vanthra and Catupecu Machu), Gustavo Santaolalla, with others still to be announced.

The new Latin American tour – Gracias Totales-Soda Stereo – will bring the work of the power trio back to life on the stage.

Bosio and Alberti announced the news after a surprise drop of a 36-second black-and-white video trailer on social networks, featuring musicians playing instruments.

Two hours before publishing the novelty of the reunion of Soda Stereo, the musicians uploaded to the networks a black and white video, of just 36 seconds, in which musicians begin to play the instruments. The first chords of 'Hombre al agua' from 1990's Canción Animal can be heard.

For now only a handful of shows have been announced, though many more are expected. At least one show in Buenos Aires will take place, at the Campo Argentino polo field on Saturday, March 21. Other shows in Argentine provinces are anticipated too.

The other confirmed shows are February 29 in Bogotá, Colombia, March 7 in Santiago, Chile, and March 12 in Mexico City.

Tickets for the Buenos Aires show go on sale Sunday, October 6, with an exclusive pre-sale for customers of an as-yet to be identified bank. General sale tickets will be available from Friday, October 11.

The legendary rockers were active as a band between 1982 and 1997, before reuniting for the hugely successful Me Verás Volver tour in 2007. Disaster struck in 2010, however, when Cerati suffered a massive stroke while on tour in Caracas. He fell into a coma, ultimately dying in Buenos Aires on 4 September 2014.

Soda Stereo are one of Argentina's biggest-selling bands of all time, selling more than 17 million records in Latin America alone. All three members went on to have successful careers individually, 

Appetite for their music clearly remains strong. In 2017, the band worked with Cirque du Soleil to create the Sép7imo día tour, which used their music and toured Latin America.


The news was broken in a message posted on Soda Stereo's social media accounts.

“Hello everyone, why? We do not know. Happens. A new last time. Gustavo is a present absence. He said that as much as we may try, we will never stop being Soda. And so it seems to be," it reads. "We are not Soda without him. But we can evoke it, invoke it.”

“Without yesterday, without tomorrow. Now. Going beyond - the bassist and drummer continue - Making the impossible possible. From that matter dreams are made. We are a handful of songs, just that and nothing less than that, that seem to go through time and generations.”

“In life there are moments to laugh, to cry, to get excited. To thank with love and respect. We want to celebrate these songs. Vibrate them together. Friends from everywhere will accompany us. Total thanks,” in concludes.

Details about the shows are scarce for now, but La Nación reported Thursday that the featured guest stars will make at least one performance live on stage with the band during the tour. They will also record videos to be played back on screens during the shows, with the live band also expected to play along with classic performances from Cerati.

Of all the guest stars, Martin's inclusion is particularly notable, though it's not the first time the Coldplay songwriter has been linked to the band. During the British band's last tour of Argentina, in 2017, the band covered Soda Stereo's classic 'De música ligera' to an adoring crowd at the Estadio Único de La Plata.

Coldplay are not currently touring and it is unknown which date Martin would likely attend.



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