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Globant partners with FIFA on streaming ahead of World Cup

Software company Globant SA partners with FIFA, deepening its push into sports and entertainment.

Software company Globant SA is partnering with FIFA, the global football governing body, on its new streaming platform ahead of the World Cup next month, deepening its push into sports and entertainment.

Globant will create new features and experiences on FIFA+, the online streaming service for football’s governing body launched in April. The company will also sponsor the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand next year, among other FIFA events. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. 

Platform users “are going to feel a lot closer to football and FIFA is going to be able to have more information about what its users appreciate the most about the sport,” Globant CEO Martin Migoya said in an interview. FIFA is “seeking to get closer to consumers, and what we have to provide is the best form, through technology, of achieving that in the most exciting and efficient way.” 

Sports and entertainment make up Globant’s second-largest revenue category trailing only financial services. The FIFA partnership comes weeks after Globant inked a deal with Spain’s first division football league LaLiga, on creating a tech-based joint venture.

Globant’s shares rose 4.3 percent on Monday to about US$174 per share. The stock has fallen 43 percent over the past year as part of a broad tech sell-off. 

Migoya, along with Globant Chief Brand Officer Wanda Weigert, hinted during the interview at more sports announcements as soon as next week. 

“Let’s add more countries, let’s add more sports, we have a technological practice that applies very well to sports,” Migoya said. “That’s what’s happening in Globant with FIFA+, LaLiga Tech and everything we did for what we’re going to announce next week.” 

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by Patrick Gillespie, Bloomberg


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