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ECONOMY | 10-09-2019 16:24

Production and Labour Minister Sica confirms bonuses for private-sector workers

Minister says labour leaders and the government will determine level and how to proceed after INDEC's new inflation report is released on Thursday.

Production and Labour Minsiter Dante Sica confirmed on Tuesday that the government will authorise a bonus to private-sector workers, along with nutritional assistance for Argentines searching for work. 

“Yesterday we began to consider the possibility of establishing some type of compensation like the one given to state workers to private ones,” Dica told the La Red radio station, after a meeting on Monday with CGT umbrella union group leaders Carlos Acuña and Héctor Daer.

“Salary negotiations were closed between April and June, July, and each had a revision clause,” the Minister of Production added. “They closed with increases between 28 and 30 percent, yet the inflationary hike we are suffering, due to the post-PASO devaluation that is generating so much restlessness for those worrying they’re going to lose their real salary.” 

Sica noted the Casa Rosada will determine how high the bonus will be and how to proceed with bonuses after the INDEC national statistics bureau announces new inflation data later this week 

“We remain in waiting for the release of the inflation index on Thursday and from there we will sit down with them [labour leaders] to evaluate what is the best methodology, to do a total revision of salary negotiations altogether or if it is better to give a bonus,” Sica said. 

In the interview, Sica remarked that it is critical to evaluate a potential bonus’s impact on businesses, especially small businesses. In discussions with the CGT, Sica said the bonus will likely match the 5,000-peso bonus given to state workers last month. 

Furthermore, the official confirmed the distribution of “nutritional cards” to the unemployed to help cover basic food expenses. 



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