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LATIN AMERICA | 19-12-2019 12:36

Bolivia moves toward replacing ousted leader Evo Morales

Legislature approves new tribunal to oversee vote after talks between opposition and Morales' Movement Toward Socialism party, but date for election still not set.

Bolivia on Thursday took a step toward elections to replace ousted President Evo Morales as the legislature approved a new tribunal to oversee the vote.

The Legislative Assembly approved six new judges for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal after negotiations between the opposition and Morales' Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party, which dominates the congress.

A seventh member is chosen by the president, in this case interim leader Jeanne Añez.

The date for election of a new president and congress remains to be set.

Morales resigned on November 10 after a wave of protests alleging fraud in elections that would have given him a fourth term in office.

Now living in Buenos Aires, Morales, Bolivia's first indigenous leader, says his removal was a coup d'état following the loss of support by police and military.

Member of the previous electoral tribunal face charges of involvement in electoral fraud, while the interim government has issued an arrest warrant against Morales on charges of sedition and treason, which he denies.


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